Everyone Deserves to Be Treated Equally

877) 534-2524 South County Courthouse, 500 Third Avenue, Chula Vista ...If you are someone that has been negatively affected by the treatment of the GLBT community, you are not alone. You may be someone that is homosexual or transgender, or you may be someone that has a family member or loved one that has been harrassed or discriminated against due to their sexual preference. In today’s world, you would think that these prejudices would be long gone, but unfortunately, that simply is not the case. There is still discrimination going on every day, and we need to do something to make this stop for good.

By doing your part to write to congress, volunteer at rallies, or even campaign online, you will help the GLBT community with their fight for equal rights. Continue reading

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Getting Involved with Equal Rights for GLBT Individuals

equal rights now organization against women s discrimination in iranAs a supporter of equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender, it is important to get involved with advocacy and awareness in your community. Similar to other successful equal rights campaigns that have come before for African-Americans, women, and other minorities, it takes the dedication of individuals to bring about change. There are different ways to contribute to this, some have the financial means to support advocacy, some want to get involved in a more hands on way, and others want to show their support through strength in numbers by vocalizing their support.

If you are interested in getting involved but not exactly sure where to begin, look for either a national or state organization that is dedicated to getting equal rights for GLBT people. They will typically have a list of state and local efforts that you can consider lending your time to. Continue reading

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Equal Rights for Everyone

Every person in this World of ours should have the same rights.

This blog is dedicating to fighting injustices, promoting equality, and educating the uninformed.

Please join me in my fight against discrimination.

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